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The company was created as In house ERP development, as we have been tired from big banner ERP solution providers The use of ERP was like owning the car, and still pay for every ride. Hence this encouraged us to create user friendly, affordable ERP. We have good system to know work in progress, customer portal, order booking and purchases. Our upcoming product is Mobile base ERP, where one user / single vendor company also can have their purchase, sales and inventory We would be the best, economical and user friendly for accounting and ERP software. The company wishes to cater single owners and SME. Also wishes to provide management solutions to improve on revenue leakage by way of Lean systems.The other upcoming area of solution is education Where company is having solutions like result processing, online verification and E-library Banking is also very prominent area. SCUBE have CPS , Account opening and KYC utility for banks. Further company have achieved good success in Africa, for visa on arrival and land taxation systems. Read more

Our Products

Production Management System (ERP)

Production Management System (PMS) is a solution developed by Devharsh Infotech for managing and tracking various production and related activities in any manufacturing company. It is a cloud based application thus...
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Cheque Personalization System

Cheque Personalization System (CPS) A cheque is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person’s account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued.
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Land Record Management Information System

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) is a system which is used to store the details of land parcels and land owners in a country and compute their land tax, yearly based on the land details entered.
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Pin Mailer

Pin Mailer application is used for pin generation basically for internet banking, internet transaction Password, mobile banking, SMS banking.
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Educational Solutions

S CUBE has successfully given software for for conducting exams and actively performed in result processing for many well know government and private universities.
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Document Management System

The document management system approach to ensure records and documents are reliably stored in a central location that can be quickly and easily accessed, enabling...
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ETS (Visa Generation System)

ETS is centralised system which is used to track the entry and exit of immigrants from country. Visa can be generated and printed on arrival and also can be extended on request. It is also...
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Sales Support App

Highly customizable dependable APP for making your sales team track and schedule their meetings with ease.
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Se-QR Code

Capable of storing multiple data in a highly secure way is the key function of our Se-QR Code Application. Our software solution generates Secured QR codes as customized...
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Our Services

Website Hosting & Domain

We will manage your website domain and hosting needs of all kinds. Dedicated, VPS and Private email servers as well.


Digitize your all types of records and files to improve record keeping for faster and global access. We have rich knowledge and experience in it.

Custom Enterprise Application

Get a cloud based mobile friendly application developed that suits your office process, procedures and policies.


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